Ngozi Medani- 10 Lessons from 2017

The Year 2017 is rounding off in few days. Going through all the days in 2017 from January to date, events, circumstances and a lot of activities have made me had different expereinces.  I have carved out lessons I consider tips for others for the coming year.

  1. Do Not Put Anything Past Anyone: Place your faith in God alone and your work. 
  2. It’s a Bus Ride: Life for me is like a Bus ride. Some passengers will get to that final destination with you and some wouldn’t. Move on. 
  3. Mould your Network: Not everyone is your friend. In fact, you’ll be amazed by the amount of people that GENUINELY care about you. 
  4. Guard Yourself: Your mind is your most important asset. Lose it and you’re finished. Therefore, cut out all toxicity from your life. Be it toxic beings or toxic habits. 
  5. Hold your Day 1s close: Never underestimate the importance of those who started the journey with you. The KNOW you more than the new crowd. Value the loyal and dump the disloyal.
  6. Pray for your Friends: The people who you call friends are important. Pray for them and be wise with them. 
  7. Play the Fool: When people think you do not know or that you are “foolish”, they display their true nature. Laugh, play along but OBSERVE
  8. Build Yourself: You are so much more powerful than you know. Strive to do better. Learn a new skill. You will probably kick ass in it as much as you already do. 
  9. They Mustn’t always know: Some of your goals are best kept quiet. Celebrate your achievements. Your prospects, silently work on them. It’ll increase the wow factor.
  10. Remain YOU: You are special. A unique being with a unique DNA. Take pride in your individuality. You are a gift to the universe. Love yourself! Invest in yourself! Build yourself and seize the damn world! 
I hope you find these tips as useful as I have found them dear reader! 

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