The Happy Volunteers Campaign for International Volunteers Day 2017


Volunteering has always been a way to connect to what is happening around you without expecting a pay. Like Veno Omueda said, volunteers do not necessarily have the time, they just have the heart. December 5 is a date that remains dear in the hearts of many organizations that recruit volunteers and organizations that aims towards volunteering. There are many advantages of volunteering one of which is building capacity, having an opportunity to connect to things we have always been interested in, having access to people we ordinarily would  not meet, learning a new skill and of course meeting new friends.

Is volunteering a thing? i saw this question on twitter but its quite obvious that a lot of people think same way, how did volunteering become so important or recognized to even have an International day dedicated to the day. Everyone who has a project also needs human resources to see that results are gotten. People are very important factor in achieving results, for lives to be touched, for societies to be impacted every organization needs people. People who sacrifice their time, skill, resources etc to see results are the real MVPs

The date (December 5) is celebrated yearly as the International Volunteers Day, this year was themed ‘Volunteers Act First, Here, Everywhere’. The Happy Volunteers society is a society of passionate social change agents who love to lead by example by contributing to events, campaigns and activities that will contribute positively to humanity. Members started the day with putting out pictures of themselves on various social media platforms and in turn telling why they love to volunteer, the importance volunteering has been both to them as individuals and as leaders in several organizations.  The campaigns raised an awareness for more youths to join the society of volunteers to make a difference in their society, the society has members spread across the city and it is more interesting because one can be involved from any part of the world especially that the organization uses New Media to pass their messages. One of which is through short videos, sizable display pictures, animations, blogs, social media etc. Even though a new one, the organization is already making an impact in its society with its over 20 volunteers on the ground and more applications to join the team coming in on a daily basis.


To wrap the day up, they had a tweet chat session with the delectable Anu Adelakun, project lead for the ‘Girl Unlimited Initiative’, a girl and woman rights advocate, journalist and a masters student in the prestigious University of Sussex. The topic of the tweet chat was ‘The Value of Volunteering to you as a person and to organizations’. Anu took the time to tell how volunteers have made project execution in her organization very smooth, how she as an individual has built capacity from volunteering and her word which was the punch line for the tweet was ‘Volunteering is a win-win situation’ she went further to say you never lose anything volunteering rather you gain a lot. The hashtag for the chat was the hashtag of the day – #IVD2017 #Volunteersactfirst you can check the thread of the tweet from the twitter handle of the Happy Volunteers Society @happyvolunteert and Anu Adelakun’s handle @anuadelakun

The founder of The Happy Volunteers Society, Chijioke Ezeibe encourages youths to stop the sitting and folding of arms but to fold sleeves and get to action, she went further to say that if everyone decides to be a part of something, our society would be an amazing place to live in.  To join the Happy Volunteers Society, send a DM on their social media handles or send a mail to Happyvolunteerssociety@gmail. com  to follow next steps to becoming part of the society of social changers. We join the United Nations, The Happy Volunteers Society and all other organizations to celebrate everyone who has voluntarily been a part of a one or more projects, we see you, we celebrate you, we appreciate you.

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