EventswithDrippingInkbyCJ – AbujaInternationalPhotoFestival

Don’t be caught sleeping on a bike! Yes you, so you love taking pictures, no let’s take that back, who doesn’t love pictures? Well I would answer for you, we all do except….hehehehe

I remember as a kid hmmmm till now though I still believe the story, I can’t remember who gave us that gist so I can give appropriate credit but the gist went that there was a lady who met this friend in the university, she fell in love with him and all that love gist, he never took her to any of his family members or to his village until and even after they got married she still insisted on meeting them.

Fast forward to many years after the marriage with 2children, she troubled and troubled until he eventually agreed to going to his village. Gist had it that they had reached the village and he told the driver to stop, he told his wife that he wants to ease himself in the bush, he was very pressed and couldn’t wait to get home, so he pointed his family house for her to go that he was coming, he got into the bush and she proceeded with her children to the family house. On getting there she introduced herself as his wife, they were all in shock and asked her what she meant, if she knew the person she was talking about? She described him and ofcourse her son had so much similar traits with him, they burst into wailing and shouting and told her the said husband of hers had died in an accident many years ago on his way to start his undergraduate studies in that same university. She insisted that he was alive and assured them that he was coming soon, but he had only stopped to ease himself, they all waited in vain and she wanted to convince them more when she remembered the pictures she had of them, she quickly pulled out the pictures but they recieved the greatest shocker! When they looked at all the pictures she had of him,he had vanished, oh no! Ghost alert ( tears) don’t ask me the rest of the story check your pictures ooo, lol.

Pictures speak a thousand words, there is so much to a picture than what we see. Do you love pictures? Is your passion in the line of photography? Join us as we tell the African through an African lens. These stories can only be captured in pictures, we have awesome resource persons, an amazing venue too and we have you, mark your calendars, its near and registration is still on going, fret not because it’s freeeeeeee! And yes, who else makes a masterclass free if not #AbujaInternationalPhotoFestival

Your celebrity crush may be there too, who knows, hehehe Check pictures below for more information-

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