With the advent of social media, it is no longer news that anybody who can afford data can pick up their phones and type any nonsense and then they don’t just feel the need to keep it to themselves but they share it with others and before you now it silly things start trending. Twitter is the worse (just shift let me faint)

First off before I go into the main topic, let me take you through a recent one. Some days ago we woke up to a trend on twitter – #EndSars, everyone had something one bad or the other about SARS (Special Anti0Robbery Squad) we were still reading interesting stories from people’s experience when we woke up again to another hashtag – #SupportSARS like what now? Don’t you just love my people? Very dramatic and what I love to call the o yes gang. The o yes gang are people who do not stand for anything so they always go with the moving trend because data can be cheap na so even with #100 you can buy some data and tweet away.

Is that not slavery in itself? When you do not know what you stand for and you always wait for your supposed lords to give you a go ahead with what you should do. Let me not even go into the Slavery matter. We all sang the chorus of the END SLAVERY anthem but we did not take the time to even find out why people in their normal senses would take the risk to go to Europe, other countries or overseas as my village people call it, even Panye behind us here.  Can I quickly ask something please? And if you have the answer please do not hesitate to click on the comment button below and give me an answer.

Now that we have gone to bring in our brothers and sisters from Libya, what plans do we have to sustain them? Why did they leave in the first place, has the issue been sorted or has it worsened? What plans do the government have for them or are we just welcome people in their hundreds who went to seek greener pastures come back to a more dead grass, even worse than they left it! Believe it or not, there are no sustainable plans, just a bunch of media people covering their return like it’s the return that is even more important, smh! Shebi (sic) 2019 is coming, suddenly some people will know the roads to grassroots people, some will begin to know youth empowerments, some will begin to remember abandoned projects and things that will bring attention to them, I see them already looking for media personnel’s, brand managers, and all sorts that will manage their publicity, look at their social media accounts suddenly having life,  look at them! I see them, I see them, but the funny thing is we never have sense, we would complain about these things and still choose to be bought over with something more than a mortgaged future for the next 4 years, it is so sad that we will not receive sense. O yes, the people in Libya needs to be emancipated but if we channelled the energy we used for the End Slavery campaign and we focus on the slavery going on in our space here in the country, I am sure we will go a long way.

Now, I am still literally crying and concerned from the foolishness and madness my people have portrayed with all due respect to everyone reading this. A girl who had gone through a system for 6 years, obviously should be soaked with the rules and regulations, took the pain to study the 5 law courses, wrote the exams and on the day you have to receive license to practice you decided to pick the calls from your village people and now we have given ourselves another wahala that is not with bothering ourselves for- The Hijab wahala.

We were still not over with the one she did, she quickly played another card- The Religious card! Hey child, stop being dramatic. Why the religious card? If you decided to show your foolishness on a good day, why throw in the pity-party card. Oh I forgot, that’s the most accessed card in our country. You do something that is wrong, accept it and move on already but No! So now we want everyone to start exhibiting their religious affiliations on the call to bar ceremony, The Nigerian Bar induction ooo, not your parlour induction, not your conferment with whatever religious title, not your family Thanksgiving or whatever you think it was. It was a call to bar ceremony, which has a dress code, which has laid down rules. Oya na let everyone start to show themselves na, let the Sango worshipper come ready to emit fire in honour of sango, let the cele person come barefooted because freedom of expression and freedom to religion, let the ehhhh since everyone wants to be mad in the name of constitutional right let us all go ahead.

That’s how I woke up to a thousand messages on my Nigerian Law School set group chat, everyone throwing unnecessary sentiments instead of looking into the substance of someone who showed us how unfit she is for the bar. Its this type of people that can challenge the judge in open court or fight another lawyer in court when things don’t go in their favour. Abeg abeg till then lemme sip this hot tea and Kermit, while we wait for the House of Lords(self-acclaimed though) to give their final verdict on twitter ofcourse, lol  but please till then tell that girl to keep kqwayet let’s face more serious national issues like 2019 is coming and many people now get engaged in youth development, seen drinking our water, riding in kekes is the aim to buy us over? we would find out, me i dinnor call anybody’s name oo

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