City Connects- AU Connect Abuja 2017

A proverb says that a tree does not make a forest. For a forest to be qualified to be called one, it must have so many trees in it. The same thing applies to success, show me a successful man and I would tell you of a man who reached to networking opportunities and leveraged on it.

The AU Connect Abuja which held on December 9, 2017 must have come and gone but the impact it left in the hearts of the attendees is one that will last long. The AU connect is the AniekanUsoroh Connect, Aniekan Usoroh is the founder of The pathway of champions initiative, an initiative that calls everyone to attain excellence in whatever they do. AU Connect has been held in several cities and it was high time Abuja got a taste. Well, what Abuja got was more than a taste, cos all attendees had a great meal especially with the wonderful line up of speakers at the event, the likes of Eno Praise, Orok Unoh, Micheal Ibiorika and a panel session led by Jenny Chisom (you should google these names and have an idea of what we talking about ).



The event as the name implies, ‘Connect’ had a deliberate ambience for connecting. What was there not to love of the setting of the room where the event was hosted, The line of great, inspirational and influential people whose pictures were neatly arranged on the walls, or was it the captivating books arranged in a strategic corner of the room, the mere entering the room was enough to make one feel inspired.


Did I forget to say the theme for the Abuja Connect? I couldn’t have! The event was tagged ‘Transforming the Narrative’ There was no better time to have that strategic kind of event if not such now, the end of the year, a very good time to go back to the drawing board and set the table for 2018. There were so many key points everyone took home. Some of which are but not limited to the following –

For you to deliver on whatever, you need to be sincere, sincerity pushes your passion, it helps you discover and work on your capacity’ ‘Build a bridge between your creatity and innovations’ ‘People place premium on the value you offer’, ‘Practice doesn’t make perfect, it only make improvement’  ‘How well you do your work will determine what people wil be willing to pay for our services’ ‘It is not value until it meets a need, To get money from your passion, make sure your passion meets a need’ ‘Think outside the box, what box? Who created the box’. ‘You can start locally but think Global’ ‘Find out what it is you know and what you don’t know, the moment you become conscious of what you don’t know, you begin the journey to developing capacity’

It was really an amazing time to connect and learn, I really which I could take all that 3 hours or more of interactions and put them in here



AU Connect will be back in Abuja but just in case you are not in Abuja, watch out for an AU Connect coming to your city soonest- Follow Aniekan Usoroh on all social media platforms (FB-Aniekan Usoroh, Twitter – aniekan1, I.G- aniekan10) and get first hand information for a connect that will change your thoughts towards life, until then Keep walking the path of champions (AU Mantra)


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