EverydayCityReflection – Road Trip experience

Them say better soup na money kill am, them still say na condition make crayfish bend. All these and many more tell us about the gbese money can put us in. Sometimes the money is there but when you think of other things to do with it you will just shun some comfort oo.

I had to be in the south for a programme last week Friday and that weekend happened to fall into the sallah break. Road trip it was, let’s flex this break small na, thats how i dissed flight and did an online booking for my road trip, let’s talk about the road trip.

These people said God is good but I’m not sure how good they were to us, I did not call any one’s name oo. so AC bus, average service until we got to the east, Abia state to be precise. It was almost 2hours to our final destination when our bus which developed some fault finally decided it couldn’t take us anymore, so we had to stop to fix the issue, that is where trouble  started oo. These guys are so big that I can’t even point any state they don’t have an outlet in, so they made some calls and taraaaaaa, the mechanics in their workshop had closed and they were no plans for an alternative bus to come get us to uyo, we managed ourselves to the park. This was around 11pm and the best thing at this time was sleep over in umahia and continue the next day or risk the insecurity of the night and you guessed right, even though people like me wanted to hit the road, majority of the passengers wanted us to stay the night. Yeah so i told you we managed to get to their park and ofcourse in the company of a driver who works with them. Why is this important to note? It is just so you know that we didn’t just strol to the park with some claims that we boarded them from Lagos but we had evidence of the driver and the bus. Then the worst happened when the man behind the gate vehemently refused to open the doors for us to come in and manage our heads till morning, this was most annoying, what other way to say how cruel these people were. I had to take it upon myself, made some calls and finally got a staff to talk to that unruly guy behind the gate, he finally opens the gate and we got it,please don’t ask me how my night was because the morning still had alot of drama with it.

Morning had come and well it will only be reasonable of anyone in right thinking to know that we were supposed to be at least given a courteous apology and get a bus to take us to  uyo which was max 1hr 30min away from umuahia but they did the unbelievable, oh you guessed right, people are more concerned with making more money than the welfare of others. It was a trip from Lagos to Uyo, it was not supposed to be a full day trip, I should have been in Uyo before 8pm or thereabout but here I was in umuhia by 6:00am the following day and to no fault of mine, scratch that it was my fault for choosing my road trip with them. They opened up business for the day and put in fresh victims, oh sorry passengers like you would call them not caring about we who had slept here overnight, we who they didn’t even care about the previous night and the best they could have done to redeem themselves was get us to Uyo first thing in the morning but No! We had to fight again, shout,rant, throw tantrums before they gathered small sense and made provision for a bus to take us to Uyo.

Let me stop ranting oo, when next you hear people say God is good, just shout Amen, because God is always good but humans may not be good.

(Story by Eno Etteh, written by DrippingInkbyCJ)

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