What if Tomorrow never comes!

Now that’s scary right? What if Tommorow never comes? What if all this is all a mirage and when we get closer it disappears, what if we were scammed?

This city is beautiful, but could i say thay wholly? The disguise i had seen was one of beauty that was wrecked, structures without maintainance, people without a govt, or better still with a govt that cared less of whatever there weren’t benefiting from. Sometimes they accommodate our dreams or maybe, but we are supposed to be more than this by now! Yes I should appreciate a 6hour light shift, that is if its even up to 6hrs and enjoy some light from my generator when there was no light, I mean I was better than those who had no light and probably had no money for ‘I better pass my neighbor gen’ but come to think of it, even the villages are supposed to be better now, of course I remember some years back they told us ‘it would be good tommorow’ but what if tommorow has not come or it never comes?

I remember as a child, there was this lie they told us, we even did songs of that lie with so much energy and passion, but as we grew up, we found out they lied! Yes they did! You know this was and is still a deep scam when they told us ‘We are leaders of tommorow’ I wonder what their definition of tomorrow was/is! They keep reshuffling leadership amongst themselves,they have ruined our economy, runied our systems- our educational systems, Health systems, political systems, etc and they have left nothing for us. Just look around, the future president may have died in one of those terrorist attacks, the best Nigerian Doctor may have died from the road accident caused by neglect of someone to fix it or diverting of funds meant for the repairs of that road, the best accountant or entrepreneur may have died in that hospital from something very avoidable if we had the right system in place, there’s just so much to think of but what I have chosen to settle with is that they probably didn’t lie, they told us change is coming tomorrow, but what if tommorow never comes?

They had exchanged out tomorrows already for some piece of change but they forget that no amount of money could buy our future, they have exchanged our tommorow for some greedy deal and they knew it was worth nothing if not what can explain why they send their children to school abroad, why they use the hospitals abroad and so many things they have spoilt about our nation that they now go abroad for!

Now when next you hear tomorrow remember that tommorow has been here like yesterday but we need to get up to take it, it belongs to us! Dear Nigerian Youths, tomorrow is here and we need to take it, another election is coming soon, get involved, don’t say it is not your business, it is! Tomorrow is here! We need to take over, if we do not we will be left to the believe that tommorow may never come!

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