Spotlight with DrippingInkbyCJ- Ikenna’s Survival story

We may not appreciate life until we come face to face with death. Ikenna Okeke did not only come face to face with death, he practically walked through the valley of the shadow of death. He happily shares his story with DrippingInkbyCJ, let’s hear it.

Tell us your name amd what you do- My name is Ikenna Val Okeke, i am a Legal Practitioner

Tell us about June 18th and why that day is memorable to you- On the 18th June 2016 my cooking gas exploded on me, I sustained 98 percent burn

What was it like coming face to face with death- it was like the end of life, it was like a glimpse of hell

What kept your faith when you felt like giving up- I kept my faith strong because I believe God is a covenant keeping God, I always renew my Covenant with God every year.

Did you ever think of giving up to death,especially at nights – I had the thought of giving up like 3 times while at the burns unit, the thought came at night when I was alone, I refused to heed to the voice, I was preserved by God’s grace and from the power of prayers from friends and my family

 Did anything happen during your time at the hospotal that made you feel the end had come- something happened then at National hospital, my blood level went as low as 18, I thought the end had come, I almost gave up that very morning, I was with my younger brother Okey and Nurse Gloria,  I took 8 pints of Blood to improve on my blood family prayed for me and dedicated me to my maker because from the degree of burns, the chances of survival was minimal. I just wanted to stay alive for my loved ones, if I had died, my parents, my siblings, family, friends and colleagues everyone around me will be affected one way or another.

Through your 50dayz in the hospital did you have a spiritual encounter- I had an encounter with God, I saw his mighty hand in my life from the way I responded to treatment

When you started healing, did you think of your old skin- I thought about my old skin  but then, I am grateful for the second chance to a second life.

 Has anything changed about you after that incident- I see life in a different way now. And when i look at people all i can say is use your beautiful face and handsome body to serve God.

After the incident do you still use a gas cooker-  I am still using the same gas cooker and cylinder, this time more careful, in fact the cylinder is outside my apartment.

Don’t you have fears after that-  We should not have the spirit of fear but of sound mind.

What is your advice to anyone reading this-  My advice to everyone is to be careful with gas, send your cylinder outside please. If your are a carefree person please do not use gas cooker.

Thank you so much for sharing your story Ikenna, we wish you many more years.

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