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I don’t think we can do this, you are too much for me/you are too good for me/ you are too beautiful for me/ you are too this or too that…How many of us have heard that line or know someone who’s relationship came to an end with that breakup line. 

So guyz, I was honoured to be on a panel for the just concluded HOTR Single and Mighty ‘Battle of the sexes’ while I enjoyed the opportunity and tried to make the best of it, I also maximed the time to learn from a lot of people especially the guys. A lady raised this question of our present concern when she gisted us how her relationship she had going well ended because the guy just woke up and said ‘You are too intense for me’ he meant that he was receiving too much care and attention and he wanted out, waaawu! His mates somewhere probably begging for a face and he’s getting it then it becomes too much. Then she asked what it meant to be intense and my anchor said Ceejay, yes she’s an intense person, so I said sure, I was/am that intense person even in relationships hence this write up. 

Relationships do not have a manual that should be followed, what works for A doesn’t work for B, all your relationships would never, I repeat never be the same, it’s just you and others so you owe yourself one thing – To be your best! And remember no matter what you put in if you are with someone not meant for you they will always find a reason to want out, so I will tell you my little secret- 

Pray, yes i pray about my relationships. I learnt something that I apply, Leke Alder said if its love then you give it 100% , you don’t wait for the other party to be the 100% you go ahead and be that 100%. Kunle Soriyan also said, what you want to see in the other person, play that part, if you want love, show them love, if you want attention and all that show it, give it, express it, don’t hold back. Always go into relationships with a mindset of giving your best so that if anything happens the other person will know they lost an asset, it will be their loss not yours. Look it’s possible to be so sweet so that when you leave the person on the other end they will know they goofed.. As much as there’s a problem with being too possessive, you need to draw the line between being too possessive and being caring and loving. Give your best, show your best and pray. Darling if any one says you are being too much especially when you are doing the right thing then he wasn’t for you, hello gentle man if she feels you are being too much, then she’s not yours either now this is why we need the help of the HolySpirit to discern, this is talk for another day but most importantly never go into a relationship without the Holyspirit, he guides especially in such instances. Give your best and be that best, remember to leave a positive print on every life God gives you by way of a relationship and if they feel you are too much then they  weren’t meant for you in the first place. Toodles. 
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