EverydayCityReflections- Yawa don gas for area oo 

Hmmmmm na wa ooo, wetin person no go hear for this city. I saw them talking with voices down, from the look on their faces you could tell something wasn’t sitting right, I went near to find out what was up but just as I got there they all tried to pretend but the expressions on their face still had something about it, you know that amebo expression where you squeeze mouth somehow and carry face, aproco people understand that face, lol.

Abeg wetin happen na, wetin dey shelle, they all looked at me and Mama Mary said ahhhh Sir nothing oo, women shaaa the way she said the nothing you would know something was wrong sef, ahhh i turned to another person, madam Ngozi talk na, tell me wetin happen. And then she goes, my brother wetin we no go see for this estate, you know Joy naa, Joy for block 5? ehhh I sabi am, wetin do am? Bros Joy don carry belle, hahahahahahahaahahah, haba Bros wetin funny? So them say Joy carry belle na new thing? Person wey him parents dey leave for house say dem dey work, mtcheeww abeg give me another gist jooor, na why una carry face like this? na wa ooo. Hmmmm Oga no be like that ooo, you for ask us who give am belle naa, na there the talk for complete. Ehen, belle na belle, oya who give am belle? Hmmmm Bros na Tunde ooo, ehhh which Tunde? Tunde their driver? Yes bros, chiooooo talk don finish ooo! This girl don finish work oo, wetin person no go see for this city?

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