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Others first, others first, what about you!  Yes we literarily are supposed to put others first, but there are times we have to do away with others and think about you, don’t get me wrong I will explain.
Many a times we are concerned with what people will say, what people will think, we want the opinion of people that we forget us. When it comes to life’s decision, when it comes to fulfilling life’s purpose, when it comes to making serious moves and next steps, when it comes to breaking limits and boundaries we need to discard others first and put us first! Truth is that there are some things you need you to do and if you wait for the approval of others, you may never get anywhere, you may never go beyond the stop you are in, you may never see sense in anything you intend to do. 

Truth is that there are some dreams that makes sense to only you and the more you tell others, the more you wait for them, the more you want to carry everyone along with your thoughts, you will encounter discouraging words as blocks, you will have discouraging attitudes, you will hear things like its not possible oo, you will hear and contaminate yourself with so much that is not healthy for you.  Remember Joseph? Yes our dreamer boy, did other believe him? You can guess the answer right. 

Sometimes the one person you need to believe you is yourself! When it comes to your dreams, its you against the world

Dear reader, you remember those dreams you had? You remember those things you always wanted to do? You remember those ideas you started out but stopped half way, you remember those moves, those plans, those penned down thoughts, you remember them? It’s time to swing to action, it’s time to forget about what others said or thought, do you think if Michael Faraday told his others about his intentions to invent they would have believed him? Oh no, that’s too far let me bring it home, we all know the EbonyLife TV , we know Mo Abudu? Yes we do lol, she started out with hosting a show-Moments with MO, trust me if she told anyone that she will have a station on DSTV I’m sure they would have laughed her off, I mean she wasn’t the only TV Host then though, she wasn’t the only one in the industry but she did it! You can do it! I believe that you can.

Seriously most times all you need is one person and even if you can’t find that one person, where did you even look out for that one person? How did you skip the one person reading this, you! Yes you!

 When it comes to Love and sacrifice, others first but when it comes to your dreams and purpose, you first! Take a sabbatical from others, do you and watch them celebrate you, not forgetting the role of some awesome people who will encourage and help you through fulfillment. Wisdom is knowing when others are needed and when they are not, just pray to God for a  discerning heart. Thank you for reading and if this has blessed you, please feel free to share with others, lol yes when you find good things always remember to share with ‘Others’ make the others around you feel every possible positive vibes you get, you never know who’s watching, lol.

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4 thoughts on “LifeStyle with DrippingInkbyCJ – You minus others.

  1. Beautiful thots sis. Seriously speaking, a Yoruba proverb states clearly that if fire is ravaging you and your child, you sort out yours first… This is logical because it is when you are fine that you can take care of others. A sick person cannot care for another sick person.

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