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Na wa for these babes oo, they talk too much, a guy can’t just stay on his lane and have peace. Please guys, help me listen to my story and analaize this issue for me.

Let’s take it back to 7months ago, I went to pick ¬†up things my friend sent to me from Lagos, you know this Abj people they will add prices as if the items are coming from obodo onyibo passing through lands and sea, I’m not even always bothered when I have my guys in Lagos who got my back. So my people I had gone to pick up one of those when I met this girl, oh my goodness her beauty was just one you couldn’t deny, then when she smiled ehhhh kuku kie me, I knew this one wie not pass me by oo, so as a sharp guy I made my move, a friendly one oo, hello you came to pick up something? Eheeehe like what else do they do here shaa? She was so cool with her response then I decided to take it a step further, had a quick gist with her and then we had picked our stuff, how are you going, I quickly added, ‘a cab, I will take a cab’ haba, the inner me knew it was time to apply skill two, offer a ride! And she didn’t make it hard for me, she obliged. So a ride became lunch at a later date, then another lunch, a movie and tarraaaaahhhh we were good friends, we couldn’t go three days without seeing each other, she became my new project. Yes oo, these Abuja girls are projects oo, the moment you decide to chase any of them you have embarked on project.

Fastword to many months down the line, i have been asking to date this girl officially, she never gave me a yes or no answer, she’s just sitting on the fence and enjoying my attention, so my brothers you know how these things work naa, while waiting for her to make up her mind I had another side project, just a mini project just in case I miss this then I don’t get to loose out entirely. This is where the gbese was! I never knew these ladies knew themselves, somehow they had a mutual friend who they both told about me and the mutual friend burst everything to them. They both called to blame and curse me, well what can a brother do, please ooo this city girls talk too much naa, if they had just maintained themselves, I probably wouldn’t be in this position, na wa ooo this city is small ooo, one has to be extra careful, what’s my own naa, oya unto the next one, na city we dey, make we live the life. Oya my people, tell these girls to stop talking too much naa, their talkie talkie is not helping matters jaaare, till then I have a dinner date to attend to. Toodles.

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