2018 #TheGoalKeeperChallenge


There is the popular saying which already sounds like a broken record that if you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. True right but there is another angle I would be hitting this from today. If you plan and do not have the discipline to follow your plan, then you are as good as one who did not plan.
The new year is upon us and it is not a cliché that a lot of people are going to start the new year resolution thing and the serious ones will go ahead to set goals and write them down which is more admirable just before we feel comfortable with just writing let me tell you a quick story.
I have always been the girl with so many dreams and many plans especially when a new year is starting, no not new year resolution, I have never been a fan at all. I mean having the goals for the year in mind and there was this thing about the first two months, the goals still linger in my head but fast forward to the 5th, 6th, 7th months they may all be history then by the time the year starts wrapping up we notice we must have been carried away with other activities that may come up in the course of the year, new event may unfold themselves and somehow just somehow we watch our goals go with the year.
Sometime in 2016, I was blessed to be selected after an application to the Platform Young Professional BootCamp, where one of the general master classes talked about setting and keeping goals, we were handed this paper to write our short term and long term goals and the idea of the paper was so that in a generation like ours where phones, tablets and laptops have taken the place of pen and paper we would have the goals starting us in the face as a gentle reminder. Ever written something and stuffed it somewhere only to find it after many days, weeks, months or sometimes years you bump into it and sometimes you just smile from the accomplishment or just mutter in disappointment? That is what writing does, writing never goes cliché at all.
So back to my story, after I had written my goals, I wanted to be deliberate about 2017 so what was going to happen, what was I going to do different from the other years, what was going to make this year’s goals accomplished? Just then something which was a coincidence but to me was a divine arrangement happened. I was speaking to my friend Deji Sarunmi at the time, then he told me of the goalkeeper thing. Who is a goalkeeper?

A goalkeeper is someone you share your goals with and the person will be more deliberate in watching you make your goals reality and even going further to remind you from time to time about your goals, check on the progress on what you are doing and even go ahead to encourage you when they feel you are down, because the truth is anyone could have a goal but implementing it is always the tough part and believe me, challenges will always stand in the way of awesome goals.
Wooooowwwu, goal keeper ke? Deji was one friend I really cherished, making him my goal keeper was a little tough for me to decide, I was not only going to share what I wanted to do but I was going to have him check up on it, well he had suggested I get a goal keeper not necessarily him but who better to be the goal keeper than the one who told me about the game? The only problem I had was disappointing him, what if I shared those goals and I failed at them? At that point, I think that was the motivation I needed. I would share them regardless and because I had shared them and because it was Deji I would be more deliberate about them, so taaaaaraaahahhhhhh I got me a goal keeper for 2017 and it was Deji.
I sent him a mail of the goals and he encouraged me about achieving, of course he talked me through setting reasonable goals and being intentional about them, he talked me through how he believed I could do all that I had written down at that point whatever was left in me as fear started going gradually. From time to time even though Deji was my friend, we never talked my goals on phone again, except he was checking up on progress as a friend but as a goal keeper all tracks were kept via mails and I had to give adequate answers from time to time as he asked which was like 2, 3 months intervals and most times as time approached for the things I wanted to do and because now I had extra eyes I had to try my best and sincerely at the end of the year 2017, I went through that mail from December 30, 2016 and even though I had not reached 100% at some goals, even though I didn’t do a few, I struggled with some and I delivered excellently on some, new plans even came up which I shared with him and he still talked me through achieving results, I was glad I made that choice.
When choosing a goalkeeper, choose someone that believes in you, someone that cares about your welfare and progress, someone that wants to see you soar, someone that will understand when you can’t meet targets and would encourage you when you try because in life’s battle we win some and we fail some and most importantly someone that would proudly cheer you on as you win.
It is so amazing to have all that dream for the New Year but I want us to start this goalkeeper challenge, let’s have each other’s back, I await your success story at the end of the year 2018. Congrats on winning because staying alive is winning already, congrats on those big plans and goals and finally, ‘IF YOU CAN DREAM IT IF YOU CAN SEE IT, THEN I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT’
Happy New Year.

p.s If you look through your cycle and do not find someone you can take on as a goalkeeper or you are scared of choosing someone because you do not want to disappoint them when you fail, heyaaaa I am here for you, do me a mail chijiokeezeibe@gmail.com it would be my pleasure to be that goalkeeper for you. #GoalKeeperChallenge

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